Yep, we like watching Kazu ride so much that we'll even post an interview with him that's completely in Japanese because it features some bangers from his career being a cool cat. So sue us.

For those whose Japanese is not too shabby, this is the lowdown:


日本を代表するトップライダー 國母和宏が2010年のバンクーバーでの騒動、その翌年からのUS OPEN 連覇を振り返り、現在の心境とこれからの目標について語る。


KAZU KOKUBO Signature Series オークリー公式サイトにスペシャルコンテンツを公開中。

This is what the Google machine claims that says:

Interviews Kazuhiro mother country

Kazuhiro mother land top rider of Japan and turmoil in Vancouver in 2010, looking back from the US OPEN consecutive year, the talk about the goals of the current and future mental state.

Some KAZU is anticipation, ahead of its eyes?

Published in a special content to the official website KAZU KOKUBO Signature Series Oakley.

Crystal, right?