Xavier De Le Rue's latest Timeline episode sees him tackle sluff and ice in the French alps, and is nothing less than an intense display of extreme snowboarding.

These days people toss the word 'Extreme' around with such gay abandon that whenever you hear it you automatically cringe. However, in this latest episode of his Timeline series of web shorts, Xavier De Le Rue shows the true meaning of the word with a fistful of insane, no let's just say it - extreme - snowboarding.

With the most recent snowfall three or four weeks ago, Xavier still managed to keep himself entertained in the Alps by competing on the Freeride World Tour and searching the high alpine for pockets of rideable snow to film for TB20 and Videograss. With sluff and ice adding to the intensity, this is full-on ballistic snowboarding of the highest level. Watch it, and just think of the skills he has to be able to put so much trust in his snowboard's edge. As you'll see, it doesn't always work out... Mental.