Some nutter in Austria (Daniel Moesl) has chucked a crazy looking new trick that he's dubbing the 'Christ Flip'.

If you can get past the fact that this video has been put together to push some wristband that supposedly gives you superpowers, this trick is actually pretty crazy. Can you imagine locking your body in that position whilst going upside down and spinning a 1080? We can't either.

It's definitely not the nicest looking trick we've ever seen and the commentary is pretty amusing/downright weird (we're not totally convinced that 'all girls will get instant orgasms' when they see a Christ Flip...) but props to Daniel Moesl for doing something on a snowboard that we've never seen before.

What do you make of this trick? Sick, or the lamest looking thing you've ever seen? Drop your two cents via the comments section below!