When our friends from Yobeat support a movie it can't be that bad, right? And when the man behind the flick is a character like Jon Stark it should at least be worth pressing play (he even took out a loan to get this thing going!). And when the list of riders is as long as this one you know there will be something good in it:

Kent Leng, Connor Southard, Colin Ofloy, Richie Conklin, Pat Garvin, Ian Dodds, Dan Liedahl, Colton Morgan, Josh Parker, Justin Fronius, Blake Rhodes-Reid, Jordan Michilot, Brandon Larson, Cole Linzmeyer, Jordan Daniels, Jayell White, Kyle Fischer, Alex Cato, Headwrap, Torrey Lyons, Durell Williams, Jordan Emerson, Austin Leonard, and Cole Atencio.