Don't even ask us what a Wombat Mob is, just be content in the knowledge that it's the name of a pretty sick free movie featuring some Finnish up-and-comers. The quality of these guys' shredding made us swear.

The PG13 version of our utterance is "Holy pooper-scoopers, these freaking Finnish rookies are damned good!" The X rated, real version included several F-bombs. Sick flick, Wombat Mob peeps...

Snowboarding by Saku Tiilikainen, Miika Lappalainen, Juuso Turkka, Tommi Rokolampi, Antti Komulainen, Henri Laakkonen, Niko Liias, Enni Rukajärvi, Valtteri Paunonen and Markus Haka.

Movie by Eemeli Hepola and Tomi Turunen.