Watch Wojtek Pawlusiak throw down some mean jib stunting on Les 2 Alpes' jib park. We can't figure out half of the things he is pulling...

We heard that Wojtek Pawlusiak (who's rail riding is so nuts he really should change the spelling of his name to Woj-TECH) was in Les 2 Alpes and had been crushing the glacier's jib line late in the summer season. We've not featured much of this Polish ripper's riding in the past so seeing as we've got mad respect for his skills we set about righting a wrong and had filmer Will Nangle point his wee Scottish lens at the Polish ripper for a couple days.

This is what they bagged. Don't ask us about the goat riding, snake charming or Wojtek's impromptu jam session on the air flute. Just sit back and enjoy some high quality jibbing from one of Europe's finest rail specialists.