***UPDATE - The waffle below refers to yesterday's action. Today's has just kicked off and conditions look perfect. Men's slopestyle eliminations should start at 10.30 CET and men's superpipe final at 18.30 CET.***

Tune in to watch the official Canal+ Live Stream of the Winter X Games 2013 from 18.30 CET today. Hopefully.

It always seems to be a bit touch and go with these live streams these days as to whether they'll actually work where you're watching from, but we'll rub our rabbit's feet and hope that when the broadcast begins at 18.30 CET from Tignes that no geo-blocking local rights restrictions come into play and we can watch the hammers drop in real time. Worst comes to worst, we guess seeing as it's a Canal+ stream then it will be a case of France: 1 - Rest of the World: 0. Allez!

Assuming it does, in fact, work make sure if you want to vent on Twitter or even Instagram that you use #xgamesnow as there's stuff to be won every day. You can also vent while watching it and interact with others by checking in on MPORA Live.