Oh those Mt Hood summer camp edits. They are having such a good time, it's almost painful. Featured riders in week 4 recap of the Windells camp: John Murphy, Riley Nickerson, Dylan Thompson, Justin Fronius, Nial Romanek, Ozzy Henning, Jesse Paul, Mark Wilson, Jonah Owen, Tim Rechetniak, Curtis Woodman, Stevie Bell, Nick Visconti, Trevor Jacob, Derrek Lever, Tucker Speer, Justin Norman

The Reunion was back for another session. Nick Visconti, Stevie Bell, Jason Robinson and Curtis Woodman were here and brought the good weather with them. You can't beat sunny park laps, rafting trips, skateboarding and amazing events with your friends!

Filmed by: Tyler Malay, Alexandra Erickson, Jake Strassman, Jake Durham, Ian Macy & Will Start

Edited by: Ian Post & Tyler Malay