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Featured riders: Justin Fronius, Jordan Small, Riley Nickerson, Nial Romanek, John Murphy, Matt Gonzales, Justin Norman, Paul Gilbert, Evan Drage, Dylan Thompson, Sawyer Deen, Jed Anderson, Danimals, Treyson Allen, Ben Bilodeau, Derrek Lever, Zeppelin Zeerip, Jesse Paul

Windells is in full force this summer with one of the longest and largest parks to date. The diggers are keeping everything fresh and the coaches are teaching kids new moves all day long. Summer is here.

Filmed by: Alexandra Erickson, Jake Strassman, Tyler Malay, Ian Post, Will Start, & Ian Macy.

Additional Filming: Riley Erickson, Pat Raichur

Edited by: Tyler Malay & Alexandra Erickson & Ian Macy.