To be honest, this teaser didn't really blow our minds or anything and ordinarily we might have glossed over it, but it's a slow news day and OH MY GOD LOOK AT THAT KNEE!

Here's what they say about the flick:

A man asked a snowboarder, "Why do you go back at it after you get injured?" He replied "Why Not Do It?.... FUN, and AMAZING times featuring Andrew Yoder, Bryan Cordero, Ian Smith, Jeff DeForge, Joey Dryer, Justin Henigin, Matt Bentley, Mitch Kirby, Nate Cordero, Tyler Anderson, & MANY MORE CG team riders. Dropping Fall 2011!

Song: Science of Fear (The Count a.k.a. Hervé Remix)

Artist: The Temper Trap

Album: Ghetto Bass 2 Dance