We've had Nils, Bryan and Curtis's remixes from Giro's INTO THE WHITE, so you might have been expecting this: Christian 'Hitsch' Haller's hammers from Kingfisher, BC.

Rounding off the four's footage with a still mind-boggling ender, and incorporating flowing follow cam lines, super-spray and natural feature tranny finders, we can't imagine why you wouldn't want a second helping of this.

Hitsch was one of the masterminds behind this season's epic movie, Glue - a shred movie that captured the speed and flow general awesomeness of snowboarding better than most others to date have managed.

Filming for Glue saw Hitsch and his homies chase pow round the planet all season long, and one of the scores they had was when they spent a bunch of time shooting in British Columbia with the Giro team. Giro themselves produced a hammer-heavy cut, dubbed Into The White, and this here is a remix of all of Hitsch's shots. Epic.