Two of our favourite riders in the game - Messers Tyler Chorlton and Gerome Mathieu - set up their own movie production gig last season and called it WhatWeWant Films. Levity is their first full movie, and it is banging. Watch it now!

30-odd minutes of some of Europe's finest stomping their mark across the pow-laden zones of the planet? This is what we want, and this is what they say...

Alright, here is our first movie called Levity. We've been shooting around Europe, Turkey, Japan, Canada and the USA for it and we had great conditions everytime. Enjoy the movie as it completely free and stay tuned for more podcasts and a new movie after next season!

Levity a Film by Marc Vaudroz with Tyler Chorlton and Gérome Mathieu starring Valérian Ducourtil, Johann Baisamy, Ethan Morgan, Kevin Backstrom, Martin Gallant, Kareem El Rafie, Mati Radaelli, Christian Weber, Gaetan Chanut and Friends.

Presented by Apo

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