Last month, Yuma Abe and friends put together a tidy little park edit from Japan to let people know about Jib Meet, which is an event coming up in March. And they've just sent over Volume 3 now as a nice follow up, enjoy!

About Jib Meet - ‘JIB MEET’, a project initiated by Analog team rider Yuma Abe will be set in Ishiuchi Maruyama Ski Resort in Niigata. Kitamaruyama main park has been dedicated in its entirety to park features. It draws on a park-style concept and riders can enjoy riding with various park features, produced by Yuma, as well as well paced jib and jump features in the area. It allows you to play around in many different ways, many riders are having fun with their GoPro on their hand every day. This is a fan event which welcomes all snowboarders. ‘JIB MEET‘ will be held on March 21!