The cool cats at Woodward Tahoe are back for episode 3 of WTF? and it's 3 minutes 55 seconds of super sick slush snowboarding.

Is there anything better than cruising around with your mates when the sun is shining and the snow is soft? The latest Woodward Tahoe Fridays edit (featuring Ryland West, Johnny Brady, Andy Glader, Nick Geisen, Chris Geisen, Ben Kessler, Graham Haley, Hailey Langland, Armeen Pirooz, Andrew Brewer, Cole Linzmeyer, Erik Leon, Sean Keane, Kumara Kelley, Steven O'neill, Shawn O'neill, Hunter Murphy and Chad Blau) just dropped and it totally made us want to go snowboarding.

Who's getting some spring park laps in this weekend?