Windells Session 6 is officially a wrap! Take a look at all of the action from Technine week featuring all of your favourite T9 riders and many more.

When the Technine crew are in town, you know you can expect some pretty heavy snowboarding.

And from Andrew Brewer's picture perfect handplant to Lucas Magoon's pipe layback to obligatory lookback, they sure as hell didn't disappoint.

Oh and did we mention Jon Overson's ender? Say what you will about doing flips off rails but that trick was pretty insane to say the least.

Technine rolled deep this week, shaking things up on hill and at camp with the annual donut eating challenge. With a ton of free product and an insane group of riders, campers were beyond stoked on one of the weirdest sessions yet.

Featured Riders: Jeff Deforge, Jon Overson, Tim Humphreys, Cody Lee, Mike Gray, Al Pal, Jesse Paul, Jake Rose, Kyle Kennedy, Tony Wagner, Erika Vikander, Steph Feld, Max Lyons, Christian Sparks, Nick Poohachoff, Andrew Brewer, Lucas Magoon, AJ Lawson, Chris Frost, Jenise Spiteri and Ralph Kucharek.