Windells Session 3 2014 is a wrap and here's the official edit. Watch a heavy rail jam comp go down and some slaying from Max Lyons, Jesse Paul, Nick Visconti and more.

For Windells Session 3, Lib Tech brought the heat with their 'The Feeders' Rail Jam, with a spot up for grabs for the Vancouver Downtown Showdown. Windells coach Max Lyons sent it the hardest and topped the podium.

Watch a selection of the tricks that were landed along with some bangers from the rest of the session. And don't miss camper Reid Smith claiming the ender with a totally legit back 10 double. Kids these days!

Featured Riders: Steph Sue Feld, Jake Schiable, Jeff Hopkins, AJ Lawson, Will Dennis, Jake Rose, Mike Gray, Jeff Deforge, Stefan Krumm, Justin Norman, Trevor Tollefson, Jesse Paul, Brian Pracht, Matt Chase, Max Lyons, Joe Sexton, Nick Visconti, Max Tokunaga, Kelly Underwood, Kelsey Boyer, Chris Frost and Reid Smith.