Nuulife Cinema is back for season two of 'Wildlife'. Almost every resort/crew/production came up with their own web series this year but we are trying to pick only the good ones for you guys. This one is definitely one of those!

'Wildlife' web series follows a group of western Canadians as they travel to prime spots all over BC and beyond. In the first episode, the crew heads to the deeps of Interior BC where they hit chest deep pow and absolutely crush it. Afterwards they stop at Whitewater, and then the homebase of Nuulife, Whistler Blackbomb. There’s powder, park, and in the second half even some urban riding - stuff for everyone!

Featuring riding from: Jason Gretzinger, Gordon Emery, Wiley Tesseo, Eric Poulin, David Kinskofer, Ryan Paterson, Darcy Sharpe, Andrew Wood, Adam Franks, Kyle Stainton and Jeremy Melanson.