If you are at a place with lack of snow right now don't even watch this video or you will get pissed! The only reasonable thing that comes into my mind after watching this is buying a ticket to Whistler and go rip that pow!

In this episode the crew utilised RC helicopters to get some incredible shots in Whistler Blackcomb's XL park. There's also a shitload of backcountry footage featuring local talent and even Canadian Olympic snowboarder Charles Reid enjoying those deep freshies! Join the crew of Geoff Brown, Marc-Andre Tremblay, Ryan Manning, Trevor Karle, Joel Loverin, Jeremy Melanson, Bruce Johnston, Charles Beckinsale, Shaun Belmore and Nic Harvey as winter arrives to Whistler for some good snowboading times.

'There was a cold spell followed by some sunshine, and then it really kicked off with a lot of snow falling right down to the valley floor.' - The Crew