Sebbe De Buck is back with more trickery to embed into your irises. The Waffles and Hammers series has thus far proved to be a super fun project, that albeit we might have neglected for a while.

For episode 9 we take to the streets and parks of Austria to put it down like only Belgian flatlanders can. Some super technical riding on the rails from Sebbe, Dylan Norder, Lorenzo Peeters, Arthur Lammens and Kevin Trammer.

We do wonder why they went park riding on what looked like a bluebird day after snowfall, and why they went to go hit rails to powder landings, but who knows what those crazy cats are like.

The tidy Vans Penken Park Mayrhofen, session looked super fun. Hand drags, frontside spinning off the toes, and a ballsy front board through the triple elbow kink are mega stylish.

We're not sure where Seppe Smits is for this episode, but he might well have been at the Absolut Park for the Spring Battle, which he ended up winning, so we can forgive him for that. Just about.

Instead of us waffling on about Belgian hammers, why don't you just watch the edit eh? Ahh, we've already waffled haven't we...