Jake Kuzyk is one of the most proper snowboarders on the planet. From perfect rail tricks, to hitting floaty backcountry booters to backside-flipping some stairs on his skateboard, Jake is a man of many talents. Vans give us an insight into his interests and lifestyle in their new 'Introspect'.

With an overload of action-based web edits and videos, it can be nice once in a while to take a step back and take a look at the personalities behind the tricks. That's exactly what Vans are going for with their Introspect series, which take a look at their team riders and their interests and lifestyles on and off snow.

Jake Kuzyk, one of the most recent members of the Vans Snow team, is a man of many talents, whether that may be skating, filming skating, producing movies or sending it on his snowboard. In the latest 'Introspect' episode, we get to see what makes Jake tick, and get a snapshot of his life in and around Vancouver.

Jake Kuzyk, one of the newest members of the Vans Snow team is an individual with many talents. In the second episode of this season's 'Introspect' we follow Jake to Mt. Hood, Oregon during last seasons Superpark. After some blue bird days with friends Jake takes us to Vancouver, Canada. Tune in while he describes his love for skateboarding and filmmaking.