True Color Films have dropped the first part of their brand new movie 'Nipple Deep', and if insane powder lines in Alaska and some of the best aerial shots we've seen all year are your thing, you'd do well to check this one out!

Getting incredible shots out in Alaska definitely isn't as simple as rocking up on day one and having everything wrapped up by the evening. It takes months of planning, organisation and above all, a spot of good luck.

True Color Films headed out to Alaska last winter to shoot for their new movie 'Nipple Deep' and as is the case on most backcountry trips, the weather was unpredictable.

The crew camped out for twelve days in temperatures that plummeted down to -30 degrees and after waiting for the sun to burn through the clouds, the crew eventually lucked out, with Stephan Maurer, Lisa Filzmoser, David Bertschinger Karg, Nicholas Wolken and Alvaro Vogel scoring some crazy powder lines.

We've been frothing to watch this movie again after the 24 hour premiere a couple weeks back and are stoked that the crew will be rolling out a new part every week. Stay tuned!

Watch all of the True Color Films 'Nipple Deep' parts below: