We caught up with two Random Bastards, Zebbe Landmark and Erik Karlsson while we were out in Trysil, Norway for the burn King Of The North event this past weekend and logged one of the most fun top to bottom laps we've shot yet.

Cruising the park is actually a fairly rare occurrence for these guys, who spend most of their winters scouring the streets for spots to film for their video parts. But with an invite to the event and promises of fun times hanging with their scandinavian homies they'd have been stupid to refuse.

Zebbe and Erik were having a bunch of fun when we caught up with them and they suggested this dual attack approach to a top to bottom run. What resulted was one of the most fun edits in the series yet, with dual methods, dual backflips and some tech snowboarding thrown in for good measure. Pretty damn tight.

About our Top To Bottom series: We think that a lot can be said about a person’s snowboarding if you give them the freedom to interpret the mountain in their own way. This season we’ll be following a bunch of riders for one run of their choice. Be it a rail line, kicker line, or just a side hit run, we think that once in a while it’s important to strip back all of the extra stuff that you see in edits these days and present snowboarding as you or I would see it on the mountain. We’ve opted to ditch music and fancy editing and present one continuous run of raw, honest snowboarding. We hope you dig ‘em.