We took a run through the Trysil park with Finnish rail boss Toni Kerkelä. Toni doesn't ride that much park anymore these days, preferring to hit street spots, but he crushed it anyways.

For a rider who's more used to hiking stairs and hitting handrails than lapping the park, it's an unusual experience filming a top to bottom run. Toni told us after we shot this that it felt like he was doing run in a slopestyle comp... Nevertheless, Toni rips and he got this run on the very first try, even unstrapping his back foot for some Scott Stevens style one-foots over the final two kickers.

Look out for Toni in the new KBR and Postland movies dropping in the fall!

About our Top To Bottom series: We think that a lot can be said about a person’s snowboarding if you give them the freedom to interpret the mountain in their own way. This season we’ll be following a bunch of riders for one run of their choice. Be it a rail line, kicker line, or just a side hit run, we think that once in a while it’s important to strip back all of the extra stuff that you see in edits these days and present snowboarding as you or I would see it on the mountain. We’ve opted to ditch music and fancy editing and present one continuous run of raw, honest snowboarding. We hope you dig ‘em.