We take a continuous run down through the Laax park with Dutch rail boss Jesse Augustinus. Considering he hails from a country with no legit mountains, Jesse has got skills for days.

It feels like the Burton European Open went down months and months ago right now. Probably because it did. We've only just got round to getting this latest addition to our Top To Bottom series with Jesse out on the internet but it's definitely a case of better late than never.

Jesse is certainly no stranger when it comes to riding rails and has been sliding metal since he was a wee lad. He impressed the hell out of us while we were out in Laax and whipped this casual top to bottom out of the bag like it was nothin'. Don't miss the massive cab 270 at the start, the super buttery back 5 and a special cameo appearance from Transform Gloves head honcho and all-round industry boss Tom Kingsnorth.

About our Top To Bottom series: We think that a lot can be said about a person’s snowboarding if you give them the freedom to interpret the mountain in their own way. This season we’ll be following a bunch of riders for one run of their choice. Be it a rail line, kicker line, or just a side hit run, we think that once in a while it’s important to strip back all of the extra stuff that you see in edits these days and present snowboarding as you or I would see it on the mountain. We’ve opted to ditch music and fancy editing and present one continuous run of raw, honest snowboarding. We hope you dig ‘em.