Eric Beauchemin pulled out all the stops when we followed him down the Stubai park for a top to bottom run.

Following on from the first edit in our new top to bottom series, that dropped last week with Len Jørgensen, here's one with American slopestyle boss Eric Beauchemin.

Considering Eric had been sent it pretty hard at the party the night before we filmed this, we didn't quite expect him to send it as hard as he did here, with a bunch of smooth tricks in the upper section followed by a massive 50-50 frontside 540 out. And don't miss his enormous cab 270 on the adidas feature to finish off the run either.

Like we explained last time, these edits are meant to be raw and straightforward - pure snowboarding if you like. No fancy editing, no music, just one run with a rider and their personal take on the features in front of them.