Wanna know how Gigi Rüf rides when he's just cruising piste and park like you and I? We followed him for one full run on a windy, slushy day last spring at Kaunertal. Check it!

Gigi Rüf is a modern day snowboarding icon. From his countless parts with the Pirates and Absinthe to his most recent foray into the world of X Games Real Snow, Gigi's style and unwavering talent transcend borders and media formats. In short, Gigi is a boss of European snowboarding.

We were honored to join him for a run at Kaunertal last spring, and although we had a lot of trouble battling a strong head-wind and sticky snow, Gigi still managed to put down some fun tricks.

From sidehits, to flatground butters and even a rogue handstand, it's always a special treat to watch Gigi just cruising.

Film/edit: Sam Oetiker