VDLR swiftly stepped out the imposing shadow if big brother Xavier to establish himself as one of the finest backcountry freestyle fellas on the planet. We hit him up for a chat about his all time favourite shit of all time...

All Time Movie Part - Bode Merrill/Halldor Helgason/Kazu Kokubo

"I always loved the ones from Bode [Merrill], Halldor [Helgason], Kazu [Kokubo], but I don't have one favourite, the sickest. I like to see tricks you haven't seen before, with style."

All Time Movie - Mack Dawg Movies

"Every time they seemed to seem super clean, super perfect. Fun, heavy tricks, good filming, everything was just awesome."

All Time Contest - Air+Style

"The Air+Style was pretty sick in Innsbruck. I got invited one year, I was like "Oh, you're going to invite me? Ok! I'll go there even though I don't do that much contests.'"

All Time Trick - Backflip Onefoot

"I really liked the backflip onefoot. I was trying them from every spot and I had a blast, didn't fuck up my knee so everything's good. Stomped a couple..."

All Time Rider - Bode/Halldor/Kazu/Gigi

"Yeah those guys - Bode, Halldor, Kazu, and Gigi"

All Time Place to Ride - Alaska

"AK Is a big thing every year. You're super stoked, but super stressed about avalanches and everything, but that's the most powerful time of the winter."