The first half of the final Crap Show episode of the season just dropped hot off the press and it's a toaster! Watch homies like Jan Scherrer, Gian Simmen and Max Buri droppin' bombs on snowpark Laax like it's D-day.

Snowpark Laax in the spring is to snowboarders like Bali is to Aussie beach-bums: paradise. Spring 2015 was a corker, and with events like the Pleasure Spring Session bringing together riders from all over Europe for one last slush-centric shred orgy (slorgy?), the final outcome could only ever be good.

Featuring some sick aerial footage from Philipp Ruggli and some downright nasty snowboarding from Jan Scherrer, Max Buri, Gian Simmen, Max Wettstein, Lou Staub, this is essential viewing right here.

Banked turns, sign ollies, pipe doubles, a crazy bowl feature and the obligatory aerial kicker shots all add up to round out one of the least crap shows on snowboarding's internet. See you on P60 next winter!