It's a Tailgate Alaska mega post! Checkout episodes 4 and 5 of Tailgate Alaska's In short series which takes a behind the scenes look at what it's like to camp out and shred in Alaska.

In Short Episode 4: Sledding - The Way Forward

In episode four of Tailgate Alaska In Short, we get a POV perspective of what it's like to travel through the Alaskan backcountry on a sled. Looks like pretty damn fun time if you ask us!

In Short Episode 5: Cribs - Delaware

In episode five of Tailgate Alaska In Short, Andrew Hardingham takes a look at another Tailgate Alaska crib. Looks like a pretty decent place to live considering it's pretty much in the middle of nowhere right?

This year marks the seventh Tailgate Alaska (running from March 28- April 6, 2014) and tickets are available now online. With 10 countries, six provinces and 15 states already representing, the event is the annual pilgrimage of dedicated recreational riders, professional athletes and the industry to ride the world’s best mountains and deepest snow on the planet.

Tickets have been selling rapidly and are expected to sell out shortly. Among other benefits, Tailgate Alaska offers multiple on-site rescue teams and free daily snow science classes. This year Tailgate Alaska will add nightly seminars given by industry veterans and snow safety experts, who will share their experience with participants of the event.

Tailgate Alaska tickets are available now at For more information, check out or contact