Whilst for most of us, a Sunday in the park means taking the little tykes out at 09:00 in a half-arsed attempt to tire the little bastards out so they don't spend the rest of the sacred trinity that is a Sunday; screaming, crying and smearing various bodily fluids up the wall. All the while, you try and handle the red wine haze from the night before - Bear Mountain wrap the weeks activities on the mountain into a nifty little edit released on a Sunday...ergo; Sunday in the Park.

Once again, the Bear delivers with another visual rampage on ye olde eye sockets. How sick is it to see Stevie Bell riding! We thought he got crushed by a giant Toblerone or something, but we've been proved wrong (yet again).

Also featuring Buzz Holbrook, Melissa Evans, Mike Gray, Jake Schaible, Keoni Kaimuloa, Bob Abrams, Robert Toste, Brett Wilkinson, Anthony Mazzotti, Johnny Miller, and Lucas Magoon, giving it the ante in Cali.