With the weekend past, and the hangovers left in the clutches of the early morning rays - it means that yet again, there's another weekly edit from the changing Bear Mountain posse that we've come to know and love as 'Sunday in the Park'.

This week featuring Zak Hale, Mike Wick, Max Tokunaga, Ben Strause, Brett Wilkinson, Kody Williams, Lenny Mazzotti, Adam Mclean, Derek Mescia, and Chris Fellner getting all kinds of metallic mind warp on.

Although the season might be beginning to wind down, the boys from Bear certainly aren't. That hip the size of an Egyptian pyramid looks like it would put the fear of the Pharaoh in ya' - despite that, Kody Williams absolutely unleashes on it at about 01:55 in.

Last year there were 14 episodes of 'Sunday in the Park', so who knows; maybe this is a precursor to the end of Sunday's as we know them right now.