It's Sunday, which can only mean one thing - a crispy new Bear Mountain park edit has been delivered fresh and piping hot to our computer screens, ready for eyeball consumption.

We started off thinking that this wouldn't actually be a park edit at all, with Jordan Small kicking up some spray and tapping up some definitely non-man made features (ok, we didn't really).

It's back to normal shortly after, with some creative lines on the familiar red boxes and rails that litter the oversized snowboarder playground that is Big Bear.

Don't miss Jordan's sick switch frontside tailslide 270 to revert carve at the 1.26 mark or Kody Williams gap to front board with a helping hand from his homie, followed by ender worthy bangers.

Featured riders: Jordan Small, Cameron Strand, Richie Conklin, Brett Wilkinson, Jake Schaible, and Kody Williams