It's pretty crazy to think that we're already on the 12th episode of Sunday in the Park, of the 2014/15 season. 12 episodes means 12 Sundays, which means it's been 3 months of weekly eye watering madness from Bear Mountain.

Obviously in their 12th episode, they're showing no signs of slowing down, and slowing down they're not. With what looks like a quarterpiped volcano gracing the bottom of the hill, they're having mad fun getting creative on it.

As always, there's some ridiculously tech rail tricks in the edit. We think Bear Mountain might be the overlords of creeper rails, caus' it looks like there's heaps of 'em.

Featuring Joey Fava, Pat Fava, E-Man Anderson, Derek Molinski, Jody Wachniak, Stu Stinson, Dave Brocklebank, Johnny Miller, Quinn Dubois, Adam Mclean, Lenny Mazzotti, Chris Fellner and Kody Williams; there's enough riding in this edit to last a week.