In the latest episode of Ståle Sandbech's web series Station To Station, we follow Stale as he hits up some of the most prestigious snowboard contests in the world.

From winning an Olympic silver medal to topping the Grand Prix in Breck with Shaun White and Torstein Horgmo either side of him, Stale had an insane winter on the competitive snowboarding circuit. Thankfully, a couple of lows were massively outshone by the highs and 2013/2014 was one of Ståle's best seasons ever. Great to see that he also had time for some fun laps with his homies too.

From silver in Sochi to topping the TTR tour, 2013/14 has been Ståle's biggest season ever. In this episode, we go behind the scenes and get his thoughts as he finally has time to sit down and take it all in.