In the latest episode of Ståle Sandbech's Station to Station web series, Ståle heads to Vierli Snowpark for an insane session on the rails and jumps with his homies Len Jørgensen and Øivind Anderson.

We never tire of watching Ståle Sandbech send it, and even though he's got some massive tricks up his leave, he always manages to keep everything stylish.

The latest episode of Station to Station is one of the most action-packed yet: no talking or background waffle, just hammer after hammer in Vierli's super fun looking park. There's some huge tricks from Ståle, some crazy one footers from Len and some some team shredding from all three dudes.

Don't miss this one if you're into watching 'Wegians bossing it in the park like very few others can!