In the latest episode of Olympic silver medallist and general bossman Ståle Sandbech's web series 'Station to Station', Ståle heads up to Folgefonna for some spring riding before getting adventurous at Trolltunga.

You have to admit, Ståle Sandbech leads a pretty damn amazing life. In between winning Olympic medals and crushing the snowboard competitive circuit, he still finds time to shoot with his sponsors, shred with his homies and climb really big ladders in the norwegian mountains.

The Folgefonna glacier is one of the premier summer snowboarding spots in Europe and Ståle headed up there for a sunset shoot for Oakley's team movie. There's some great mellow riding in this from his buddies Len Jørgensen, Fredrik Evensen and Oivind Fykse too so be sure to give this one a watch.

From the Youtube description: Ståle is in Folgefonna for an Oakley shoot, before braving the elements on a mountain adventure in search of the breathtaking Trolltunga in Norway.