In the second episode of Snowboarding's Dead, Alex Andrews heads out to the East Coast to discover a thriving snowboard scene bursting at the seams with motivated kids, big personalities and killer parks.

In part 2 of 'Snowboarding's Dead', which of course, isn't some kind of snowboard parody of 'The Walking Dead', Alex Andrews continues his journey across the United States, discovering what is special about the local snowboard scenes.

Witness him visit numerous parks on the East Coast as well as the infamous Yawgoo Valley. Always good to see some new stuff from the Yawgoons!

Here's what Alex had to say about the episode:

New England area has a lot going on, and a lot of amazing places to ride. I had the chance to shred Killington, Vermont , Loon, New Hampshire and Yawgoo, Rhode Island. To say the least, these places are engulfed in snowboarding and have thriving local scenes! Being a snowboarder and living on the east coast isn't an easy thing. It's grey and cold and icy a good chunk of the year. So watching how hungry these kids out here is very humbling to say the least. I think the biggest thing I took from this trip was how welcoming and fun the community of snowboarders are. Ice coast, East Coast, doesn't matter... These areas rule for shredding, and I'm stoked I got to be apart of it enjoy! - Alex Andrews