Local Morzine hero and DJ Kevin G was out filming with the homies at Whitelines in perfect park conditions when they decided to step it up a notch and give the people what they want: Knuckle Tricks. Here's a fun fact - for every knuckle trick that gets landed, filmed and put on the internet, at least twenty snowboarders get a concussion (this is in no way true whatsoever).

Well look what you went and did, being all demanding for spins and flips off the part of the jump that was never meant for jumping off, you made him crash like a sack of shit. He took a little too much speed into that one! Lucky we got it on super slo-mo for you, so you can see the exact moment when Kevin knew he was gonna eat it. Props to the man for getting straight back up though, we'd still be on the floor a day later after a heel edge catch like that.

Keep your eyes glued to Whitelines to see the full footage when it comes to light.

Stop making us film local shredders risking their lives for this series and send in your own to will@onboardmag.com

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