In a new series from Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten, they take Norwegian snowboarder Silje Norendal, on a trip of a lifetime to Svalbard. If haven't heard about Svalbard before, it's known mainly for two things. Firstly, that it's in the Arctic Circle, and secondly that there are heaps of angry polar bears, ready to give you a good hiding if you're not too careful.

The film was made my Process Films' Matt Pain - the man behind some of the best snowboard films ever made like Shot in the Dark and They Came From. The man is a wizard behind the camera, and this is no exception with beautifully framed shots of the jagged terrain.

The following three episodes are on the next four pages. Hit the arrow buttons to navigate through!

In this episode, we recap over Silje's hectic competition schedule and see her off into the Northern reaches of Svalbard.

In this episode Silje heads over to the abandoned Soviet outpost of Barentsberg. She also risks a breaking and entering charge after invading some poor miners house. Bloody Norwegians.

For the penultimate episode, Silje goes on a bear hunt, finds some Hvalross' (walruses) and gets "...a bit chilly...".

The weather finally breaks for Silje and the crew on their last days as they head into the tundra. Midnight powder lines and sunset sessions. Boom.


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Anyway, because you're here, here's an added bonus of the Norwegian Snowboard Team doing Christmas carols 'caus we couldn't think of anything else to post.