DBK gets behind the lens in the first of a four part series showing the peripheral experiences that go hand in hand with travelling the world as a professional snowboarder.

Whether it be slashing up powder or sending it with the Bataleon team, David Bertschinger Karg straight rips on his snowboard. There's no question about that.

What you may not know is that he's also really handy behind the camera. Just take his 100 days x 100 seconds project from a year ago for example, which is well worth checking out if you haven't already.

In his new 'WHAT I SEE' series, DBK sets out to document the journeys he has as a snowboarder. But rather than focus on the action that we see in so many other edits on the internet these days, David instead gives us a look into all of the little details that can sometimes go unnoticed when you're in a new environment. In this case, Seattle.

It's a beautifully shot piece with zero actual snowboarding, but we still really dig it. It's always good to try and view the world in different ways and as snowboarders we're fortunate that we get to travel to some pretty amazing places. Take a look and see what you think.

Here's DBK's rundown of the project:

The motivation for this series, was to show the people what I see during my journeys as a snowboarder. Everything people get to see in the snowboard media are the tricks we land, how we strap in and the high fives along the way. This is a small part of why I live this life, it's a lifestyle which brings so much more with it:

Seeing places I would probably not come across if it wasn't for snowboarding, getting to know people with lifestyles I didn't even know existed and experiencing freedom in so many different ways is a big part of why I do this.

The "What I See" series is a visual passage to places i've visited last season. When I look back on my trips I don't only remember tricks and powder prays, but people, moments and atmospheres i've experienced.

It's those details which make a journey stick.