DBK continues his artistic travel series for Nixon with the latest 'WHAT I SEE' mini-movie, this time from Moscow.

You may be more familiar with seeing DBK exploding through powder clouds in the Isenseven movies rather than being on the operating side of the camera, but he's certainly no stranger to expressing his artistic and photographic skills himself.

Following on from his visual exploration of Seattle, 'WHAT I SEE // MOSCOW' is a new snapshot of what DBK experienced during his stay in the Russian capital while travelling with Isenseven on the premiere tour for 'A Way We Go'.

Once again there's no actual snowboarding here, but it should be treated more as a visual travel diary of a professional snowboarder, focusing on the little things that can easily be missed if you don't open your eyes to your surroundings.

DBK confesses that this one is a little shorter than he'd hoped, which is perhaps (definitely*) an indication of how the Isenseven party in Moscow went...

Stay tuned for more 'WHAT I SEE' episodes from DBK dropping over the next few weeks!