Rusty Toothbrush are back with one of the most out-there creations to date. Watch the crew go back to the future with 4 legged snowboarders, tandem snowboarding and ski balet... Yep, this a weird one for sure!

The Rusty Toothbrush crew have been dropping some of the most creative, out-of-the-box web episodes over the past few months, featuring some great snowboarding and some really solid, and entertaining concepts. From their 'school on the slopes' episode, to their 007 secret spy gang, to their infinite shred lines in Meribel, to their mind-blowing 9-year old prodigy, every episode gives you a solid reason to tune in.

This time, Alex Stewart and the boys roll with a back to the future theme, and after receiving a cryptic message from an unidentified flying object (read: DRONE), unleash a world of bizarre futuristic snowboard creatures and the long-lost, ancient art of... 'ski balet'.

It's yet more internet gold-dust from one of the most creative crews in snowboarding right now.

From the rediscovery of the ancient, forgotten art “ski-balet" to mind blowing encounters with 4 legged snowboarders the 4th episode of Les 2 Alpes WINTER WITHIN will have you laughing and confused for approximately 4:52min

Be it today, yesterday or tomorrow Rusty Toothbrush can proudly declare that Les 2 Alpes truly is the best place to shred in Europe!

Production & Direction: Alex Stewart
Film: Francesco Zoppei & Brad Smith
Editing: Alex Stewart, Brad Smith & Francesco Zoppei
Animation: Francesco Zoppei
Song: Lose the box - Menage Quad / check this rad band out on