In the second part of Ride Snowboards' 'Built To Ride' series, Alex Sherman and Austin Hironaka head out to Japan to seek out the sickest streets spots, restaurants and hairdressers that the land of the rising sun has to offer.

Japan is more than just another place to go snowboarding. It's a proper melting pot of exotic culture, characters and tradition, and although cliched, one of the places where the journey is most certainly the reward.

Watch as Alex Sherman and Austin Hironaka, along with Teddy Koo, discover hammer rail after hammer rail, get new haircuts and experience just a sample of the delights that Japan has to offer.

Needless to say there's some great snowboarding here, from Austin's massive gap to lipslide at 1.52 to Alex's crazy c-rail ender, and we're already looking to part three, which brings the boys back a little closer to home.