Check the first 'In The Hood' edit from The Station park in Nesselwang, featuring some hits from Benny Urban and Basti Rittig on the parks many creative hood-inspired features.

Last month, The Station in Nesselwang, Germany opened up its doors to the public, bringing a whole set of brand new, themed street-inspired park features into one place to shred.

We reckon the new park is one of the best in Europe, and we're stoked to see that Red Bull will be releasing a series of 'In The Hood' edits shot there throughout the winter.

Seriously though, how fun does this park look to ride? With gas pipes, wallrides, closeouts and varied obstacles littered along it's length this is surely the closest we've come yet to replicating the kind of setup at Bear Mountain over in The States.

Watch all of the 'In The Hood' edits below: