Watch Heath Patterson come up short while attempting the legendary Pyramid gap and slam into the wall. Good job snow is soft eh?

The Pyramid Gap is one hefty old gap in the Utah backcountry. Spanning around 90 feet, it has long been the preserve of serious riders such as Travis Rice and Romain de Marchi.

Raw footage has just surfaced from back in 2009 when Roland Morley Brown, Heath Patterson and Nick Brown were sessioning the fabled gap. This is what it looks like when you don't quite take enough speed. That crunch does not sound healthy. Luckily Heath was ok and got to session the gap a bunch more before riding away from some hammers.

If the latest cover of Snowboarder Mag is anything to go by, Bode Merrill recently hit this beast with only one foot strapped in! Insane stuff. You can catch a glimpse of that shot in the latest teaser for the new Absinthe movie HEAVY MENTAL.