David Bertschinger-Karg, Shayne Pospisil, Austin Smith and Levi Luggen experience the sights, sounds and shredding that Greece has to offer.

DBK had a plan that last season he wanted to approach things a little differently. Not only is he a shit-hot snowboarder, he's also got a flair for movie making and as such set out to produce three short films from his and a crew of friends' exploits.

They weren't chasing that extra cork or world record airtime; for projectDETOUR the intention was to show the true experience of snowboarding with your bros – beyond stepping up to ever-increasing levels of technical proficiency, snowboarding is all about goodtimes with the homies, adventure and, bottom line, fun. From watching this edit, it's clear the crew ticked off all three easily in their time in Greece.

There are two more projectDETOUR films set to drop: California, and Alps - the next episode will be California - so if you like your shredits to have some soul keep your eyes out for 'em.