Watch some unseen footage from the remote volcanic mountains of Kamchatka starring Fredrik Evensen and Marco Feichtner that didn't make it into Pirate Movie Productions' 'Perceptions'.

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, trips just don't go as you'd planned. That was exactly the case when Fredrik Evensen and Marco Feichtner headed deep into the Russian far east to film for the most recent Pirate Movie Production's epic 'Perceptions'.

Armed with grand plans to film in Kamchatka - a region that few film crews have ever ventured before - all was looking good until an abrupt change in snow conditions, followed by a slew of injuries, threw spanners in the works.

With both riders getting injured alternately, the boys didn't manage to log enough tricks for the trip to warrant a section in the movie, which is a shame, considering how cool some of these filler shots look.

There's nothing quite like snowboarding on active volcanoes a stone's throw away from the Ocean!

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