Take a look at the first episode of season 2 of Pat Moore's 'Blueprint', which follows our favourite bearded stunt-chucker as he travels the world doing rad shit in the streets and pow with his homies. Episode 1 is all about giving back to his friends.

It's a sad truth that with all of the media attention surrounding certain riders, it's all too easy to forget about the people that helped those guys to get where they are in the first place. Pat Moore is well aware of the fact, and being the good dude that he is, has dedicated the first episode of his new series to his friends.

Watch as Pat teams up with fellow ex-Forum rider Jake Welch on an early season street mission in upstate New York before teaming up with the legendary Jeremy Jones who was busy logging shots for his upcoming Real Snow part.

Whether it be helping to setup spots, giving pointers, or just being there for hi-fives, Pat knows what it takes to support his buddies, and it's cool to see the interactions between such iconic snowboarders in the first part of 'Blueprint'.

Episode one sees Pat join his riding partner Jake Welch, as they head to upstate NY on the first street mission of the season. They team up with veteran street legend, Jeremy Jones who is filming for the X-Games Real snow contest.