It doesn't really get much better than this. In episode 8 of Blueprint, Pat Moore heads into the wilderness of Alaska with veritable snowboard legends Jamie Lynn and Bryan Iguchi.

Jamie Lynn and Bryan Iguchi have played monumental roles in pushing snowboarding to where it is today. The mountains of Alaska, which represent the absolute pinnacle of rideable terrain, have been a huge part of that progression, and it's so sick to see Jamie and Bryan back in their former stomping grounds.

Episode 8 of Blueprint season 2 follows the trio as they venture out into the mountains of Valdez, Alaska. We're treated to some incredible AK archive footage of Jamie, shot back in 1997, as well as some real insight from the guys on what it's actually like riding lines that you could easily perish on.

While perhaps not as heavy as an Elias Elhardt or Gigi Rüf Alaskan line, the amassed heritage in these flowing powder turns is hard to ignore, and as Pat Moore puts it well at the end, "They were the first of many generations to come, so I think that they should always be recognised as professional snowboarders and they deserve every pow turn that they can get - especially in Valdez. They deserve trips like this."