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Pat Moore: Blueprint – Season 2 Ep 5 ‘We Shall Overcome’

Whilst we doubt John Jackson’s struggle was as large of the African-American Civil Rights Movement, he has had a few disheartening seasons due to injury. In that vein ‘We Shall Overcome’ seems an apt title for the 5th episode of Pat Moore’s Blueprint series. This episode, Pat takes a backseat as Jake Welch and John travel to Fiesch, Switzerland to join the European powder hunt. 

Now we reckon that the Blueprint posse probably headed over to Saas Fee to get the goods in with Frederik Kalbermatten, in his back yard, but found some better conditions in Fiesch for sniffing out some better powder lines.

Location is fairly irrelevant though, only if you register on the OCD spectrum of snowboard enthusiasm does that actually matter.

John’s joined by resident Blueprinter Jake Welch who shows he can hold it down in Salt Lake City, and on the slopes of Switzerland as well. That inverted backside 720 at 7 minutes in is a trick most powder hounds would be glad to have in their repertoire, let alone one of the leading rail technicians in the game.